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June 16, 2010
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Screenshot for June by RajTheeban95 Screenshot for June by RajTheeban95
Hi, :)

Screenshot for June
(Download it for full view)

- Visual style : Snow Leopard For W7 Beta2 by giannisgx89 (small change by me from jpyss theme)
- Wallpaper : Triangulation by ether
- Dock:xWindows Dock(2.0.1)
- Skin: Snow Leopard white
- Folders' icons : Agualeo (official name ??) by ??
- CAD : Curl by remeinic
- System Tray Icons : System tray Icons V2 by umar123

Rainmeter skins:
- Calendar : Enigma by kaelri
- Date and time: Iphone Clock by fediafedia (mod by me)
- Bin: Razor (mod by me) by minhtrimatrix (mod by me)
- Icons (left) Razor (mod by me) by minhtrimatrix (mod by me)
- Drive Windows 7: Razor (mod by me) by minhtrimatrix (mod by me)

    A lot of new things in this screenshot, but I would like particularly to attract your attention as regards the explorer for which I've made some changes unpublished. By modifying the ExplorerFrame.dll file (from the work of ThePanda-x and Zeusosx but also registry, I made new discoveries, in particular the possibility of enriching the display of information for folders and files in Explorer.

Among these changes, for example, there is now the possibility of displaying the type of item selected but also and especially the quantity or size / space used by folders in MB (yeah, exactly like Mac :) ). In the second screenshot, I also modified in depth the registry so that explorer automatically displays more informations when selecting a file, such as the file extension (PNG, bmp etc) the size and the dimensions of the file if it's an image for example. Normally these types of information are available only in the detail panel and in the tooltip. I can also change like I want the display of these informations by adding or removing other properties. By default we must recognize that this display is very insufficient, like so many things from Microsoft ...

I will try to publish all these tricks later when I will release my next theme dark soft clear (soon :D). For the moment, i'm trying to fix the last bugs encountered and in the same time i'm trying to find the way for add others importants informations for the folders and the files in explorer, such as the number of subfolder, the total number of files contained in the same folder, like AveDesk or Rainmeter.

I will keep you informed of the new changes :)

Special dedications to:

:icongiannisgx89: :iconthepanda-x: :iconzeusosx::iconjpyss: :iconether: :iconremeinic: :iconumar123: :iconfediafedia: :iconminhtrimatrix:
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Entre ici :… .. Et aidez moi S'il vous plait
how did you have the info below the pictures in your image folder
could you give some instructions :)
RajTheeban95 Feb 14, 2011  Hobbyist Interface Designer
look at in my gallery, you will find a tutorial called "info extended"
Let us know when you release the mod vs... or the complete pack.... :)
dafmat71 Sep 25, 2010  Hobbyist Interface Designer
salut Raj, et alors ces travaux sur l'explorerframe??
RajTheeban95 Sep 25, 2010  Hobbyist Interface Designer
ca approche, :)
si tu veux je veux bien te faire beta-tester en exclu les changements que j'ai introduit pour ca
je fais essayer de t'envoyer tout ca ce soir ou demain :)
dafmat71 Sep 25, 2010  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Oh tu sais je sais attendre que ça fonctionne 100%, c'est juste que je croyais que tu avais abandonné, faute de résultats probants!! Bonne nouvelle, donc!!! ;)
when will the release be? Looks very nice
RajTheeban95 Sep 21, 2010  Hobbyist Interface Designer
thx u :)
if all is fine the next week :D
I mean the VS release looks pretty good how you mod.
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