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September 25, 2010
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FolderBand Extended by RajTheeban95 FolderBand Extended by RajTheeban95
If you want to customize the explorer's folderband of Windows 7, this deviation is done for you.
In this tutorial, I'm going to explain you how to modify the features available by default that you can run when you select (or not) a folder or any file in explorer. I found these tricks by accident while editing the registry. I thought it will be interesting to share them (I don't know if this kind of trick has been already submitted).
For beginners, advanced or experts users.


I) - Presentation
II) - Modifications
III) - Others changes


I) - Presentation:

a) To change the features by default of the folderband, at first open your registry
b) After browse to these following keys :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\CommandStore\shell (open this folder)

b) Like you can see, you will find in the "ComandStore" folder, all the features available by default (some are important, other unnecessary). Here is a short description:

Windows.burn : It allows you to burn the folder or the file selected
Windows.closewindow : It allows you to close the active window
Windows.copy : It allows you to copy the item selected in the clipboard
Windows.CscSync ?
Windows.CscWorkOfflineOnline ?
Windows.cut : It allows you to move the item selected in the clipboard
Windows.delete : It allows you to delete the item selected : It allows you to send by email the item selected
Windows.folderoptions : It allows you to display or hide all the options of the folder selected
Windows.includeinlibrary : It allows you to include in any library the folder selected
Windows.layout : It allows you to display or hide the navigation pane, the detail pane, the reading pane or the library pane
Windows.librarypane : It allows you to display or hide the library pane
Windows.ManageDefaultPrinters : It allows you to manage the printer installed by default
Windows.menubar : It allows you to display or hide the menubar
Windows.navpane : It allows you to display or hide the navigation pane
Windows.newfolder : It allows you to create another folder in the folder you're visiting
Windows.OpenPrinterServerProperty : It allows you to display or hide the properties of your printer
Windows.OpenPrintQueue : It allows you to display or hide all the files you're printing
Windows.OpenSearchViewSite ?
Windows.organize : It allows you to display or hide the options for the organisation of items
Windows.paste : It allows you to paste the content of the clipboard
Windows.playmusic : It allows you to play all the musical files of the folder you're visiting
Windows.previewpane : It allows you to display or hide the detail pane
Windows.print : It allows you to print the document selected : It allows you to display or hide all the properties of the item selected
Windows.readingpane : It allows you to display or hide the previewpane when you select a file
Windows.redo : It allows you to cancel the last modification made
Windows.removeproperties : It allows you to delete all the properties you want about the item selected
Windows.rename : It allows you to rename the item selected
Windows.selectall : It allows you to selected all the item on the folder you're visiting
Windows.separator : It allows you to create an empty space between the tasks
Windows.share : It allows you to share the item selected in private or with your homegroup
Windows.ShareHomegroupFullAccess : It allows you to share the item selected in private or with your homegroup
Windows.ShareHomegroupReadAccess : It allows you to share the item selected in private or with your homegroup
Windows.SharePrivate : It allows you to share the item selected in private or with your homegroup
Windows.ShareSpecificUsers : It allows you to share the item selected in private or with your homegroup
Windows.slideshow : It allows you to see any images through a slideshow
Windows.StartScan : It allows you to execute a quick scan of the item selected
Windows.Sync : It allows you to synchronize your folders or files with your device
Windows.topviewrestoredefault : It allows you display the details view
Windows.undo : It allows you to cancel the last modification made / restore the folder or file deleted from bin
Windows.UpdatePrinterDriver : It allows you to update your printer's drivers

c) Visit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FolderTypes
There are 5 kind of folder in the library
- Music
- Video
- Image
- Document
- and Generic (all the others)

d) What's more, there are 2 differents states for each kind of library folder:
- when you select a folder or a file (=ItemSelected or TasksItemsSelected )
- when nothing is selected (=ItemNoSelected or TasksNoItemsSelected )

II) - Modifications:

Here are the changes I personally propose :

a) - Conditions
- At first create a restore point
- Make a back up of your registry for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FolderTypes
- And finally apply the registry file included in the archive, called "FolderTypes Modifications"

A error message can appear, it's normal

1) For Music Library
ItemNoSelected : Windows.playmusic;Windows.burn;Windows.selectall;Windows.previewpane;Windows.readingpane;Windows.newfolder
ItemSelected: Windows.burn;Windows.selectall;Windows.rename;Windows.undo;Windows.delete;Windows.previewpane;Windows.readingpane;

2) For Video Library
ItemNoSelected: Windows.playmusic;Windows.burn;Windows.selectall;Windows.previewpane;Windows.readingpane;Windows.newfolder
ItemSelected : Windows.burn;Windows.selectall;Windows.rename;Windows.undo;Windows.delete;Windows.previewpane;Windows.readingpane;

3) For Image Library
ItemNoSelected : Windows.slideshow;Windows.burn;Windows.selectall;Windows.previewpane;Windows.readingpane;Windows.newfolder
ItemSelected : Windows.slideshow;Windows.print;Windows.burn;Windows.selectall;Windows.rename;Windows.undo;Windows.delete;Windows.previewpane;Windows.readingpane;

4) For Document Library
ItemNoSelected: Windows.burn;Windows.selectall;Windows.previewpane;Windows.readingpane;Windows.newfolder
ItemSelected : Windows.print;Windows.burn;Windows.selectall;Windows.rename;Windows.undo;Windows.delete;Windows.previewpane;Windows.readingpane;

5) For Generic Library
ItemNoSelected : Windows.burn;Windows.selectall;Windows.previewpane;Windows.readingpane;Windows.newfolder
ItemSelected : Windows.burn;Windows.selectall;Windows.rename;Windows.undo;Windows.delete;Windows.previewpane;Windows.readingpane;

b) You can delete/modify/add manually the tasks you want.

III) - Others change:

You can also add others features which aren't available by default, like for example the possibility to hide/mask any folder or file after selecting :
1) Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\CommandStore\shell and open the this folder
2) Create a key with the name wished and with the prefix "Windows.nameofyourfolder" ,par exemple : Windows.hideitem
3) In the right pane, put the following properties: [link]
4) Please note for "Description" and "MUIVerb", you must choose the name of the feature which will be displayed in the folderband
5) Select the key created in step 2) and create a sub-folder (create another key) called "command"
6) Give a function/value for this command , for example to hide the files: attrib +h "%1" (found on Google) : [link]

(you can create automatically this task by applying the registry file in the archive, called "Windows.hideitem")

If you have any question :)
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DareDevilArt Apr 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
pretty sure someone made a app for this,does any1 know where I could find it?
Y a un moyen de la mettre en bas la folderband ??
Thanks a lot..
Amazing, thanks :D
RajTheeban95 Apr 21, 2011  Hobbyist Interface Designer
no problem guy :)
I discovered it accidentally

You can also use Classic Shell Explorer which propose similar functions and much more: [link]
I prefer this over CShell. :)
Translate please. Im not that good at french computer vocab :P
Is it possible to iconize the folderband?
I want to get rid of the ugly text and make it a little bit more osx :)
RajTheeban95 Mar 6, 2011  Hobbyist Interface Designer
I think it probably exists an application to do that automatically

manually I am less sure, perhaps by editing some properties of the registry

for example, like you know, the "open" function (enabled when you select any folder) possesses its own icon: so, you can delete the text "open" so that only the icon remains (in registry I just know the "icon" must be added (by created a new value)

i can try, it's a good idea :)
Thank U very much :)
I will keep my eyes open.
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