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February 7, 2010
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Dark Soft - big updates by RajTheeban95 Dark Soft - big updates by RajTheeban95
Hi everybody !

SP1 Compatible !
Others updates coming soon


WOW!! A Daily Deviation!
Thx u very much OtisBee !
What a great honor to see my work rewarded :)


    Like promised here is the final and big update made for Dark Soft (formerly Transcendantal)
Something like 10 bugs fixed and 50 changes and improvements. The theme is now available in 2 big versions: Rounded (as in the screenshot) and squared (for big or little icons mode for the taskbar)

. (If previously you had some difficulties to apply this visual style, re-downloaded, because the problem is fixed )
. If you use Vista you can find exactly the same theme for your OS here: [link]


I) About the theme

    This theme, available for windows 7, has been inspired by the great creation of ~DaHLiA-7, Silent Night: [link] but also by the one style of ~DjabyTown

    I decided to create this theme after discovering this awesome theme for iTunes, Silent Night. This has been a complete revelation, a real slap in the face.
    But when i discovered this style, I realized immediately that I should make it as a visual style, for windows 7
    This is not a port, because i had to imagine myself the major part of the interface.
    Finally it took me 2 months

II) Installation

a) Condition:

    :bulletred: For windows 7 (32 and 64 bits fully compatible)
    :bulletred: For Aero mode
    :bulletred: At first you must patch your system to use this theme: [link]
    :bulletred: 17,8 Mo

b) Contains:

    - The visual style for windows 7 ( .theme, .msstyles file and the wallpaper): Dark Soft (rounded by default) or squared (for each 2 substyles: for big icons or little icons view)
    - 4 System files for x64 and x86
    - AeroBar.exe app
    - "How to apply the theme file.txt"

c) Process:


    1) Download the visual style

    2) Just extract this archive into: "yourdisk\Windows\resources\Themes" and apply it, you must get something like that:
    yourdisk\Windows\resources\Themes\Dark Soft.theme
    yourdisk\Windows\resources\Themes\Dark Soft (as a folder)
      -Method 1 : double-click on your favorite Dark Soft theme (for example "Dark Soft little icons.theme")
      -Method 2 : right-click on desktop and select "personnalize" and choose this theme/ or with a visual style launcher, like Tune Up utilities, windows7 style buider or avestyler

    3) install the 4 system files (x86 or x64): explorerframe.dll shell32, explorer.exe and timedatecpl :
    a) with the app called "takecontrol.exe", take control of these differents files (launch this app, click on "browse", select the appropriate file and click on "take control"
    b) open manually your explorer and rename this file like you want (e.g explorerframe.dll.backup)
    c) in the same folder, move my own system file already edited (the one who included in the archive, select the version depending on your system: 86x or 64x)

    Apply the "AeroBar.exe" file

    4) Restart your PC and enjoy :)

Please read carefully all the comment and the question section: I will not answer the questions already asked :)

d) Tools used:

    - Visual style editor : Windows 7 style builder
    - Resource editor : Restorator 2007
    - Image editor: Photoshop CS4

III) Notes

a) credit:

    :bulletgreen: The credits go at first for Andreas Verhoven and all those who helped create this application
    :bulletgreen: For ~DaHLiA-7 of course, the creator of this great theme, silent night that inspired me
    :bulletgreen: to ~thepanda-x and ~ZEUSosX for his trick who allows to modify the explorer's background changing view (tiles, details, icon view etc)
    :bulletgreen: To ~DjabyTown and ~StopDreaming i suggest you to use his awesome albook icons with this theme: as you can see, the result is breathtaking
    :bulletgreen: Icons for the startmenu : [link] by ~chrfb
    :bulletgreen: ~neodesktop for his great wallpaper [link]
    :bulletgreen: For all persons who gave me their opinion and suggestions and who will leave a :+fav:

b) Permission:

    You can share and use some parts of this theme. Feel free to publish this theme in your website or blog. But you must credit ~DaHLiA-7 and I. Thx u for your comprehension


    . Hey mate, for which OS is this theme ? :)
    Windows 7. If you use Vista you find exactly the same theme for your OS here: [link]

    . Hey mate, how to install this theme ? :hungry:
    Please read II) c)

    . I try to install your theme, but it doesn't work :angered:
    At first make your system is patched to apply any visual style : [link] . Your system files are patched but the problem remains ? Try to determine the cause of the problem. Apply another theme: if this theme works, so it's because of my theme. In this case, try to apply again the theme. Restart your PC. Try to apply it with Tune Up Utilities (the trial version works perfectly) .If the problem persists, leave a comment or send me a note explaining/detailing your problem. I will HELP u.

    . I managed to apply your theme, but how to apply the 4 system files :confused:
    Your can find a "" file in the archive with all the necessaries explanations.
    1) After creating a restore point, launch the "Take control.exe" application
    2) Take the control of all these files: for example for "explorer.exe", select this file (letterofyourdisk\windows) and click on "take control"
    3) close this app, and manually (by opening your explorer) search and rename the explorer.exe file of which you have just taken control (example: "explorer.exe.original")
    4) Into this folder (letterofyourdisk\windows), move the explorer.exe file found in the archive (32 or 64 bits, you must choose according to the version of your system: the one OR the other one)
    5) Do the same thing for the 3 others files
    6) Restart your PC

    . I managed to apply your theme and your system files but i found some "bugs" :eager:
    Indeed, some bugs or inconveniences can be found (like the background for Word, completely dark, like the theme). It's one of the inconveniences when i use Windows7 style builder, the app used to create my theme: when i modify any part, often, this changes affects automatically others parts unwanted in the interface. In this case don't hesitate to leave a com and send me a note detailling completely the problem, with screenshots if possible. I will try to fix everything, if possible in the next update :)

    . I really like your theme, and i would like to know if you can improve or change some parts :please:
    It depends : if the changes aren't many and remain faithful to the "spirit" of this theme, i'm ready to modify it locally.

    . Which kind of wallpaper do you suggest to use with this theme ? :gallery:
    You can use the wallpaper included with the themes, "Wood" by ~neodesktop. You can also use "dark wallpapers" like in this screenshot, or "nature wallpapers" with an important lens blur effect which allows you to bring to light the dark and smooth aspect of this theme.

    . Will you publish others "little" updates for this theme ? :woohoo:
    Yes I'm working on a futur and another big updates for this theme :)

    . Can you make a Vista version of this theme ? :p
    Already done: [link]

    . I like this theme, how to thank u ? :clap:
    With a :+fav: :)

    . So, how to follow this deviation and your work generally ? :pat:
    Adding me

Thanks you for your attention. You can post any comment, I will answer if i have time :)
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Daily Deviation

Given 2010-07-21
~RajTheeban95 is inviting you to "Join the Dark Side of Customization". so, embrace yourselves for getting soaked in to the Dark Soft - big updates!
well, any attempt to resist is futile anyhow. ( Featured by OtisBee )
Hi, first thank you for your theme :)
I have a little question, some text are too "dark" for me, like the "propriétés systemes" window, there is a way to change the color ?
Hey, I love this skin but I also love to have my taskbar to the left side of my screen.
When I set my taskbar to be on the side, it inherits the default Windows 7 appearance.  Is there any way to fix this ?
SoNiC4000 Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
What is "AeroBar" app? what does it do?
Love, Love, Love :heart: Looks really slick, error free with really good installation notes :D
Nicely Done bro. Thank You
where's the DL link for this theme?
haha nvm i saw it :))
HallemCR Jul 9, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
This is one of the best themes for Windows I've seen. Only I have a question, in the screenshot is shown the Itunes with the theme applied, my Itunes did not after installing the theme, besides Photoshop and the Adobes neither does, is there any way for them to wear the theme too?.
Great theme
May I say something?Althouth its a good job,the white part in the startmenu makes it discordant,maybe I am nitpicking and fond in black too much.
SpyroAndMrKatFan Jun 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello :icondragonhiplz: I love this theme. I love black becouse it spares my eyes and becouse it's the colour of sadness. Thank you so much for making this possible:heart:

But there's one thing i'd like to know. I've read everything so i hope i didn't miss the information somewhere ^^;

Where did you get those system icons and that black pannel?

I did everything the files said, i've read the describetion a couple times and i've even watched some tutorials on youtube but i haven't learned what i wanted to know. I really like the folder icons and the back&forward buttons and the start button but mine doesn't have those :XD: Also the scroll bar is kinda screwed ^^;

I apologize if i'm wasting your time but i don't know how to get it right, did the icons come with the theme? :)
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