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October 2, 2010
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Adagio theme - Windows 7 by RajTheeban95 Adagio theme - Windows 7 by RajTheeban95
Hi :)
Update : 2010/10/14
                    - "Adagio" comes with a new taskbar, dark and transparent, positioned at the top or at the bottom of screen (choose the correct .theme file).
                    - Sidebar fully compatible (taskbar positioned at the sides).
                    - MSN support (problem with the flashing button fixed).
                    - And others minor changes and improvements.

Here is my new theme, Adagio, a visual style for Windows 7. Aero and Basic interface support, x32 and x64 fully compatible, with, in exclusivity, the introduction of the "info extended" for explorer (for more informations, visit: [link]).
Please read carefully all the comment if you have any question.



I) Presentation
:pointr: A) Description
:pointr: B) Info Extended for explorer
:pointr: C) Limitations known

II) Installation
:pointr: A) Requirements
:pointr: B) Complete installation of the theme
:pointr: C) Advices on use

III) Notes
:pointr: A) Dedications
:pointr: B) Copyright
:pointr: C) F.A.Q


I) Presentation
A) Description:        

I decided to create this theme after I have discovered Silent Night by DaHLiA-7. It's a theme which inspired me a lot for the creation of this visual style. In particular, I was seduced by the harmony of its colors.
I wanted to create a theme simple, elegant and fully usable. The simplicity and the elegance are represented by the mixture of black, white, gray and blue, as dominant colors, which are my 4 favorite colors, but also by the purified design of the entire interface and finally by the slight transparency (aero effect) I added to the startmenu and for taskbar.
The theme is compatible with aero interface, but also with basic mode, for x32 and x64 bits systems and with (almost) all the applications.

b) Exclusivity:

I also introduced some changes in terms of use: by incorporating fundamental changes in explorer and in your registry, I propose you a new experience. Now the informations you need when you're browsing your explorer are immediately available. For example the "big icons" view displays not only the name of the folder on which you have just clicked but also its type, its size (exactly like :macos:) etc. Other example, when you are consulting a music file, explorer displays direcly and automatically almost all the necessaries informations available for you: name, type (mp3, wma ...), size, bitrate, durations ...Same thing for the others kind of files and for others kind of preview.
Normally, some of this information is displayed only in the details pane.
I think it's simpler, more beautiful and more efficient.

c) Limitations knows:

Of course, the theme may contain some inconveniences:
:bulletred: For aesthetic reasons I had to delete the search box from startmenu.
:bulletred: The text of the internet explorer's adressbar is not correctly positioned (for IE8).

II) Installation
a) Conditions
:bulletgreen: For Windows 7 build 7600 (don't try it with an earlier version= beta)
:bulletgreen: You system must be patched --> [link]
:bulletgreen: Aero and Basic support
:bulletgreen: x32 and x64 fully compatible
:bulletgreen: The archive Adagio.rar contains" :
- Adagio.theme file
- Adagio folder (adagio.msstyles etc)
- System files folder
- Tools folder ( Patch files for your system, TakeControl.exe)
- Calmness.jpg (wallpaper)
- Info Extended folder (with 2 registry files)
= 8 Mo

b) Installation:
Before any modification, make a restore point ! .

1) Theme installation:
Extract the content of the archive in your themes folder : Letterofyourdisk/windows/resources/themes (or select the "adagio" folder and move it in your themes folder. You must get something like that:
:bulletblue: Letterofyourdisk/windows/resources/themes/Adagio.theme
:bulletblue: Letterofyourdisk/windows/resources/themes/Adagio/Adagio.msstyles
:bulletblue: Letterofyourdisk/windows/resources/themes/Adagio Wallpaper

to apply the theme:
- double-click on "Adagio.theme"
- or, right-clik on desktop, personalize and choose the"Adagio"theme
- or with tune up utilities, avestyler or win7stylebuilder...

2) System files installation (only 2): explorerframe.dll and explorer.exe
Choose the files corresponding to your system (x64 or x32) and you language (french or english=others languages too)
After, take the complete control of these 2 files, rename and replace them by my own files modified.
:bulletblue: explorerframe.dll: change explorer's buttons, the organisation of icons and it allows you to display the "info extended" (necessary !)
:bulletblue: explorer.exe: change the startmenu's orb (optionnal but it's better)

Restart your PC

3) "Info extended" application (it requires the modifications of some parts of your registry: but don't worry, there is no risk)
:bulletblue: Make a backup of your registry if you want: open it, unhide the menubar, click on "file" and "export" all your registry.
:bulletblue: in the archive you will find a folder called "Info Extended for Explorer": just double-click on the registry file appropriate to apply automatically the modifications.

c) Advices on use:
After the complete installation, you can use Adagio like you want. Nevertheless I recommend you follow these instructions to optimize the use of this theme.
1) - Delete some items (such as the control panel, printer ...) in the right pane of start menu in order to reduce its size like in the screenshot: --> [link]
2) - Use the taskbar positioned on the top (TopTaskBar) to benefit from a better depiction in terms of colors.
3) - Use this application, created by SweatyFish, to add a slight shadow below the taskbar.
4) - Use small icons for the taskbar (and"never combined" mode).
5) - With the "info extended", the detail pane is no longer needed. You can disable it.

III) Notes
a) Credit
- Of course at first special thank for :icondahlia-7:, the brillant creator of Silent Night which inspired me this theme
- I would also like to thank :iconbhast2: :icontheaslan: :iconneroredgrave: and :iconaaron-a-arts: for their help
- Thx to :iconcaeszer: for his great wallpaper "Calmness": [link]
- Special Thx for all these groups :icondeskmodder-de: :icondark-win7-themes: :iconwin-art-style: :iconwindows-7-users:

b) Permissions
You can use/edit/share this theme like you want. But of course don't forget the credits :).

c) F.A.Q:

1) For what OS this theme is ? :hungry:
For Windows 7 build 7600

2) Sorry i'm beginner, how to install it ? :bucktooth:
Please read II) b) 1)

3) I tried to install the theme, like indicated, but i didn't succeed !!! :tears:
Make sure your system is patched and you extracted the archive in the correct path to get the right tree like shown in II) b) 1)

4) The theme is applied, but how to replace the 2 system files ? :o
Select your original and current files, rename them and replace them my own files in the archive

5) The system files replacement didn't work, how to do ?!!! :pissedoff:
Make sure your UAC (User Account Control) is disabled and you have taken the full control of these files

6) What are the "info extended for Explorer ? Is there risk ? :confused:
These improvements bring a new experience for your browser: they allow you to display directly and automatically all the needed informations in your explorer when you selected any item, folder or file. Don't worry there is no risk
If you a careful person, you can create a restore point and save your registry before any modification.

7) All is installed, but I experience a problem ! :hmm:
At first, verify if the description and the resolution of this problem are not already mentionned in my comment ( III)-c) ). Otherwise, please explain me in detail the "bug", by accompanying your description of a screenshot of what's wrong.
More you will be precise, the better I could help you

8) I like your current theme but can you change such or such part ? :hug:
It depends: if the desired changes are not numerous, and on the other hand if they remain faithful to the spirit of the theme, and above all if these modifcations improve really the visual style, I'm ready to edit it.

9) Can you port this theme for Vista or Snow Leopard ? :please:
Sorry but I don't use any of these two systems. So I can't port it myself. But if you able to do it or if you know someone ready to do it, the permissions are accorded.

if you like this theme, then you willl also like this skin, created by me, and who inspired me

If you some questions, critics, notes etc, don't hesitate, post your message
I will try to answer to all the comments
In case of problem, i will try to update the theme as quick as possible
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Given 2013-06-02
Adagio theme - Windows 7 by ~RajTheeban95 "It is a very well made ensemble which brings fresh air for your desktop." ( Suggested by NuclearBlasshole and Featured by fediaFedia )
Adagio theme is a fantastic piece of customization for win7. The little details bright on your eyes. A beautifull theme compatible with any workstation isn't so easy to find everyday, and this easily goes into the hall of fame. The file info added to the folders is a incredible increase for the next mac-like themes.
Raj did a great job on the "Dark Soft", but on Adagio, he did a fantastic job. A mix of white taskbar, dark titlebars, and very creative details make this theme on of the best for win 7 in my opinion.
I recommend the work of this guy! much more good to come of him
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Shikaka89 Mar 10, 2014  New member
Hey there m8 ... i rly like your theme its awsome but for some reason it doesnt change my start button and i rly want it :D can u help ?
arturjoymango Dec 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
is there any theme with detail?
feels awesome man thanks!
ElementosKingu73 Nov 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I downloaded the file and tried to extract it to the theme folder, but the WinZip kept encountering a problem.
vitany666 Oct 10, 2013
were are the icons ? because I not found
RoXante Sep 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
i dont see the "Adagio.theme" file
Scanned with Virustotal, reults:

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ImGozzy Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Nice work ^^
Daltorien Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm sorry, but I've read the step 2 installation instructions a thousand times over now and I can't understand what you're trying to say. Can someone explain this to me? Thank you.
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